How Many Chones Are You Wearing?

My little person came sprinting into the bathroom, a place where I have known no privacy for nearly five years, waving a pair of little mermaid underwear at me through the shower door. "Mommy! I want to bring these to school in case I have an accident and need to change!" Now she doesn't normally … Continue reading How Many Chones Are You Wearing?

Just Shake Off That Bad Blood

My little person woke up this morning singing Katy Perry's Roar. I thought it was hilarious. I don't know what inspired her to open her eyes to the world belting out "cause I am the champion, and you're gonna hear me roar" with all of the vibrato that she could muster, but I felt that it was … Continue reading Just Shake Off That Bad Blood

Slowing down

On a typical weekday morning all sanity vacates the premises. Ironically, most mornings start out quietly peaceful. There's morning quiet time with coffee and my bible, more coffee while I put together our lunches, and then Willa Bear and I go wake up the little person, who usually wakes up pretty happily, despite being licked … Continue reading Slowing down

We can choose compassion and hope in the face of fear

Fear is a funny thing. It can take over our lives and turn us into the worst versions of ourselves. It may cause us to become bystanders, when we should be defenders. It may cause us to be followers, when we should be unpopular leaders. It may cause us to lash out, when we should … Continue reading We can choose compassion and hope in the face of fear

Yellow Bell Pepper Soup

The little person in my life strolled into the kitchen the other day, a bag of goldfish dangling from her fingertips. She flashed a syrupy sweet, if not patronizing smile at me and said "Don't worry mommy. I love you even when you are angry." I was amused and slightly confused. "Sweetie, mommy's not angry." … Continue reading Yellow Bell Pepper Soup

The Night of the Pumpkin Ricotta Lasagna

Last night I sat on my kitchen floor and cried. My dog stared at me with her soulful eyes, while my daughter pranced around me in her pajamas and tiara, her plastic heels clickety clacking against the tile. Every now and then she stopped to stroke my cheek with her little hand, asking me what we were going … Continue reading The Night of the Pumpkin Ricotta Lasagna

General Tso’s Cauliflower

I once had an ESL student in South Korea who wrote an essay about how pointless she thought mosquitos were. She made a compelling and detailed argument, which ended with her simple, yet powerful declaration, "My mind is the truth." I feel like that's a mic drop, walk-away-without-looking-back moment of clarity. Nine years later, I still catch myself ironically repeating … Continue reading General Tso’s Cauliflower

Baked Eggplant Rolls

In the last month of my pregnancy I watched Thomas Balmes' documentary, Babies. This uplifting film chronicles the first year of life of four babies from different parts of the world, and helped calm my new mom jitters. Each joyful, healthy baby reached the same developmental milestones, from Namibia, to Mongolia, to Tokyo, to San Francisco, despite drastic … Continue reading Baked Eggplant Rolls