Just pink cards on a wall

Stapled to the wall of my classroom is a world map, around which dozens of cards are posted. On these cards are the introductions my students wrote on the first day of this school year. So much has changed for them since September. Lately, I find myself going back to read these cards over. They are … Continue reading Just pink cards on a wall

Thank you is not enough, but thank you.

About a month ago, I finished reading Alice Hoffman's The Dovekeepers. I was riveted by this tale of four indomitable women, who were bound together through loss during the Roman siege of Masada. Women, who under different circumstances would have ostracized one another, instead protected one another. For me, the beauty of this historical fiction was in … Continue reading Thank you is not enough, but thank you.

Prayers, Giggles and Nutty Vegetable Noodles

Vacation Bible School is upon us.  While I'm running around with twelve two-year olds, my sweet love is having a blast in the three-year old class.  It's an energetic week filled with singing, dancing, crafts, bible stories and neon t-shirts, and we are loving every minute of it. Teaching two-year olds at VBS, after wrapping … Continue reading Prayers, Giggles and Nutty Vegetable Noodles

Tofu’s Identity Crisis

Identity. It's the word of the hour in our household.  My little one has staunchly claimed ownership of hers.  Her sweet voice belts out "It's mine!" in clear tones that vibrate between the walls of our home.  During a tickle-war timeout she'll softly repeat after me "pretty girl" with a shy smile.  When after several … Continue reading Tofu’s Identity Crisis