Small Steps Towards Change and Artichoke Tacos

I was once told by an acupuncturist that dreaming in vivid details and colors indicates stress and trouble processing life events.  I saw Gil, the only acupuncturist that I've seen to date, regularly for the last couple of years that I lived in Tel Aviv.  He was quiet and methodical, while I was at first skeptical. … Continue reading Small Steps Towards Change and Artichoke Tacos

Fearless Fish Tacos

When my little love was born, I learned the true meaning of fear.  Her existence suddenly rendered my pre-motherhood fears insignificant, almost laughable .  Needles.  Planes.  Bugs.  Nothing mattered once that vibrant, blue life was placed in my arms.  The perfect details of her precious face are forever etched in my mind, while the pangs … Continue reading Fearless Fish Tacos