We've been running together since she was 6 months old. That's four years and more miles than I can count. It hit me last night, as I stared at the back of that beautiful baby blonde head, that our jogging stroller days will soon be over. Words cannot express how deeply I have cherished running the trails … Continue reading

Thankfulness For A Joyful Song

My precious love has come into the age of verbalizing her emotions.  I am floored and humbled by the profound simplicity of her self expression.  Listening to such a small being earnestly trying to describe her feelings is a privilege and blessing unlike any other I have ever known. Her simple, yet weighted declarations grow … Continue reading Thankfulness For A Joyful Song

Make Me A Worthy Example

My little love's sentence structures are growing in length and complexity with each passing day.  Her ability to communicate her needs and desires with thoughtful clarity is beautiful to witness.  I feel privileged to be a part of my daughter's greater conversation, as her words continue to open up new windows into her life. From … Continue reading Make Me A Worthy Example

Thankfulness For Loving Teachers

Today, my little love became jealous for the first time.  When I picked her up from school we ran to hug each other as usual.  As I knelt down to embrace her, another little friend ran up for a hug as well.  There was a brief moment, seconds before her tears and cries of indignation … Continue reading Thankfulness For Loving Teachers