“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” – Anna Thomas

I’ve never forgotten a meal.  As a matter of fact, it’s usually as I’m finishing one meal that I begin thinking about what my next one will be.  My little foodie is as equally obsessed with food.  Those closest to us know that we have to be fed, and fed often, if either one of us are to avoid a cranky meltdown.  Feeding us is the surest way to our hearts.

Food is a way to communicate love and comfort with others.  My favorite sound in the world is that of my little love’s “mmmmmhm” when she eats a dish I’ve made for her. I love that food creates conversation, whether you’re cooking or eating.  My daughter often eats her way through the grocery store as we talk about her friends, while she peppers me with questions.  When we get home, usually before I get the groceries put away, it’s my turn.  We’ll sit on the floor, in the middle of the bags, pull out a banana and some peanut butter, and snack and chat.  I love that we share the same passion for food.  New smells, tastes and textures excite us.  Food offers adventure, and avenues for bravery and experimentation.

I feel that I discovered food all over again when my little love muffin was born, not only because her senses were experiencing something different with each new meal, but because I began to understand that our food choices determine our health, now and in our future.  Over the last four years I’ve learned to cook plant-based meals.  It’s become a lifestyle that fuels and nourishes us physically and emotionally in ways that I could not have imagined.  While I once struggled conceptualizing dishes that didn’t relegate vegetables to the side of the plate, it has now become second nature.  I love trying out new recipes and sharing what we’re eating.  Please share your favorite recipes and food love stories with us!

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