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Love, Faith and Food

Smart Wi-Fi Multifunction Air Fryer 6 Quart

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Are you tired of avoiding fried foods because of the extra calories?  

Our Smart Wi-Fi Multifunction Air Fryer 6 Quart allows you to cook all of your favorite foods with 70% fewer calories. Now you can enjoy all your favorite foods while still watching your figure. Wi-Fi compatibility allows you to start and stop the air fryer at any time from anywhere Wi-Fi is available. You can track the progress of your food and get a notification when the food is done. You can schedule cooking, adjust and monitor the cooking process all by the click of one button. Equipped with 1800W power. 


Main Features:

● Cook food in advance, eat when you arrive home

● Cook dinner for one family, the BW-AF1 holds up to 6 pounds of chicken. Cook oil-free crispy fried chicken, steak, fish, chips, pizza

● Precise temperature control evenly distributes heat, flipping is not required, locks in the food’s water content, and forms a crispy layer on the surface

● Automatic timer (0-60min)

● Adjustable temperature (40℃-200℃)

● HD screen display

● Voice prompt when cooking is completed

● Removable basket, easy to clean, prevents oil dripping when taking out food

● Power-off protection, pull out the basket to check the food at any time