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LFF™ Olive Oil Dispenser

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 About This Item

  • NO-MESS OIL DISPENSER - Stops those messy oil leaks while making your cooking process easier. A multipurpose oil dispenser allows you to spray oil, vinegar, soy sauce, and much more with the touch of one button. Perfect use to spray on salads, foods, BBQ grills, and cooking pans. Simply press the release on the handle and it instantly sprays over all your favorite foods. Let go of the release and it immediately stops with no drips or mess.

  • DURABLE MATERIAL - Made of high-quality clear glass, high-temperature resistant design, could be placed safely next to the cooktop, durable, transparent glass body, allows you to see condiments at a glance

  • MULTIPURPOSE USE - This oil spray bottle is the perfect kitchen gadget. Fill in the sprayer with your favorite oil, vinegar, juice, wine, etc.; make it a uniform mist, convenient during BBQ, making, salad, baking, frying, or grilling, instead of using brushes; You just need to use your own imagination to use oil sprayer, it can meet your needs. It can also be used to spray alcohol and water to clean the kitchen and furniture, and it can also be used to water plants.

  • ERGONOMIC CONVENIENT DESIGN - The non-slip and ergonomic handle design allows comfortable use. Oil sprayer dispenser bottles’ compact bottle mouth design will not leak oil, which is convenient for you to keep the bottle clean. Easy to clean and use. A large bottle mouth allows you to easily pour liquids without a funnel.

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We’re convinced you will love your new product. In the event, however, you would like to return your product, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee return policy on all products. 

Note: when you spray oil, you need to squeeze with force. Oil is viscous, obviously, and requires more force to squeeze it out. If you squeeze too lightly, you’ll get more of a stream of oil.