Whoa, February

Oh my goodness, please make Tieghan Gerard’s garlic butter shrimp pad thai NOW!!! This was hands down the best meal I’ve fed the family in the past two weeks. Like so good, I hid the leftovers in the back of the fridge so I could have them all to myself for lunch. #sorrynotsorry

Whew! February has been a ride! Aaaannd we’re not even halfway through it yet! The kids have brought ALL the drama this month. One sprained her ankle, one is persevering through an intense school load, and both have needed very frank life talks, hugs, and safe spaces where they could let off steam. And then there’s Willa. Never one to be left out, that sweet fur baby threw up chewed bits of tampon applicators at 2 a.m. for two nights in a row. Check and mate.

Yes, we’re tired from super late nights, our muscles are in knots, while like all parents our minds race with worry for our kids. Yet God’s peace exists in these worldly tensions. He says he’ll provide all that we need and that we’ll have plenty leftover to share with others. The cool thing is that these moments in the trenches are the times when the hubs and I get to come together as partners covered in God’s grace. We get to be more tender and supportive of each other, more thoughtful in our communication. We get to be thankful for each other’s strengths as we huddle up strategizing over how to manage this crazy bunch we love. And it doesn’t hurt when our Gigi sends a delivery of gourmet doughnuts right to the front door!

Yes, February has not been my favorite month, but there’s comfort and love in the fruits of endurance. So together in the kitchen last night, while waiting for the instant pot to do it’s beautiful thing, the husband and I clinked our wine glasses, exhaled, and laughed. Here’s to more sleep in March!

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