A New Season

Women wear so many different hats, and often more than one at a time. I’m a single mother to feisty five-year old. I’m also an English as a second language teacher. I’m a Christian. I’m a runner. I’m a food-a-holic. I don’t have answers to the crazy ups and downs of life. What I do have is faith, and a growing desire to live out my faith in small steps of love within my Austin community. In this season of my life, I have slowly been waking up to the fact that loving like Jesus happens in our own backyards, not just on mission trips to foreign countries. Loving like Jesus means choosing not to gossip about a co-worker. It means taking some mac’n cheese to your neighbors that you’ve never met. It means spending time nourishing your friendships. It means loving without expectations and truly meeting someone in the small, mundane tasks of everyday life.

I started LoveBabyFood shortly after my daughter was born as way to share my parenting journey, but as we have both grown, it has become a space to share the small steps of faith and love we take every day, and for fun, what we eat along the way. Renaming this space seems to make the most sense, a choice that I’ve wrestled with for a couple of months now. And just as God has been molding my heart to love as he loves, in the brokenness of our daily lives, and just he has been preparing my heart for the terrifying moment that my daughter will enter kindergarten, I finally realized that I need to let go of “what was” and embrace this season of our lives. So while this space will still be made up of the same heart, soul, and recipes, its name will grow with us. Thank you for your support of LoveBabyFood, and I hope you will continue to enjoy Love, Faith, and Food.

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