Just Shake Off That Bad Blood

My little person woke up this morning singing Katy Perry’s Roar. I thought it was hilarious. I don’t know what inspired her to open her eyes to the world belting out “cause I am the champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar” with all of the vibrato that she could muster, but I felt that it was a good sign the day would go well. Sassy, but well.

Christian music is what is almost always playing in our car. I love the inspirational messages as I’m driving to and from work, and I love that Godly messages are what my little person’s ears hear the most. There are times however when my little love’s precious ears are out of reach, and I have no control over what she hears. What I can control though, is how I help her process and understand what she has heard, how I help her contextualize worldly messages with the Godly messages she is learning.

My daughter apparently loves Taylor Swift, which I found out when she enthusiastically began singing about how players are gonna hate and all of the bad blood that we’ve got. The flesh and blood woman in me thinks it’s cute and funny, and the momma in me naturally worries. We had to talk about the different meanings of the word hell and figured out how to change “hella good hair” to “Willa’s curly hair,” thank goodness for our schnoodle, Willa. Bad Blood though. Man. I kept reiterating that we really don’t want to sing a song about friends who are angry and unforgiving with each other, which she wasn’t buying as she really LOVES to sing that song in her most serious and sultry voice. At one point she exclaimed “Ohhhhh. So it’s like when Kendall keeps playing with my hair when I tell her to stop, but she doesn’t stop, so she has bad blood with me, but then when we shake it off there’s no more bad blood.” We giggled, we high-fived. Something like that.Jogging Princess

It was about a week later when we were running that she turned in her stroller to chat with me as I sweat our way around the trail. I pulled the ear buds out of my ears so that I could more clearly understand what she was saying. At first I had thought she was singing Bad Blood, when I realized she was explaining to me that even though we might have bad blood sometimes, we still love each other. I stopped that stroller in its tracks and knelt in front of my little person until those sweet green eyes were staring into my own. “You and I can NEVER have bad blood. Ever. You can get upset with me. You can be angry with me. I can be upset with you. But we will never have bad blood. I will always love you, just like God always loves and forgives us, right?” “Right momma. So if you make me mad I’ll just shake it off.” Something like that.

We’ve had a lot of fun trying out new recipes over spring break. We made a kale, mushroom and chickpea grain bowl, a quinoa enchilada bake, and strawberry and banana ice cream! There was no bad blood, but definitely some shaking things off.

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