Love is in the Air

Love is in the air at our house. My four-and-a-half-year old has declared her love for herIce Skating little preschool friend, who has apparently already proposed marriage. They are getting married so that they can go on a date, as “that’s why you get married mommy.” Of course it is.

This budding, yet fast tracked relationship has brought up many interesting questions on both ends. Questions like:

Me: “Why do you like him?”

Little Person: “Because he’s funny and he punches me.”


Princess WalkingLittle Person: “How is it Mommy?”

Me: “What?”

Little Person: “When you are in love. Do you run away at midnight or do you just get married right away?”





Me: “Do you play with him at school?”

Little Person: “No, I play with my friends. You can still play with your friends when you’re a girlfriend.”Miniature Cowgirl

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Little Person: “So after you have a baby with your husband, you get a new boyfriend?”


Me: “It’s important to like someone who is funny and really kind, right? Not someone who is mean or who punches?”

Little Person: “Right. But I like it when he says he’s going to punch me and I scream NO and run away!”

I love the conspiratorial, uninhibited way she confides in me at this age. There’s no embarrassment, no fear that she shouldn’t tell me something, no self-doubt. What she feels is what she says, unquestioningly trusting me with the thoughts of her mind and heart.

ShadowsI know that there will come a time when her inner musings won’t be articulated so easily, and that questions will be sweat out before they are asked. I know that one day she may share things that might disappoint me or even break my heart. What is most important though, is that she feels safe to share, to confide, and to confess, believing, knowing, and trusting that she has a non-judgmental, safe place to fall. I’d rather hear too much, than too little. That’s why I pray that these precious, often hilarious, always earnest conversations are laying the groundwork for the tough discussions later on. Whatever the future may bring, I hope that in between the difficult questions, there will always be plenty of giggling about a special boy, crushes, and eventually, love. Like when she’s thirty;)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please hold my daughter tightly in your loving arms. I pray that where I fail, you will fill in the gaps. I pray that you will bless our relationship, as we navigate our way along this journey as mother and daughter. I ask that you will guard and protect her heart and mind, imbuing each with wisdom and compassion. Thank you for the awesome and overwhelming privilege of being this little one’s mother. Amen.








2 thoughts on “Love is in the Air

  1. Ah I love this too! You’re such a great mom Hether! Sof will always want to come to you, your relationship with her is so precious. So blessed that I have you as an example of a FANTASTIC momma!

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