Reaching For the Clouds

Garden HarvestThere is nothing sweeter than childhood innocence. As my sweet love prepares to turn four, she has a lot of thoughts to share on birthday parties, cupcakes, and of course, on growing up. Here is part of a conversation we had in the car the other day, when the rain had finally stopped to reveal a beautifully blue, marshmallow cloud-filled sky.

Little Person: Am I grown up right now?


Me: You grow up every day, a little bit more.


Little Person: Does God want me to grow up?


Me: Yes, He loves watching you grow into a kind and thoughtful person.


Little Person: When I grow up I can grab that cloud and pull it down!


Me: Life’s full of possibilities.


Little Person: Will it make God sad when I pull the cloud down?


Me: I think it makes God happy when you play and use your imagination.


Little Person: God is going to be so happy when I grab that cloud and sit on it, and then throw it back in the sky, because he loves me!


Me: Yes, He does.


Little Person: I love my silly mommy.


Me: I love my silly person.

Thyme, Basil, and Banana PeppersLater that afternoon, with the sun’s heat soaking into our skin, we crouched over our garden, pulling out weeds and surveying the damage. Miracle of miracles, our vegetables and herbs hadn’t drowned, and we were able to pick basil, thyme, banana peppers, and swiss chard. My little foodie was ecstatic. Jumping up and down, she tried to eat everything as we picked it, and it took every ounce of self-control that she possessed to wait until we had washed our first “harvest.” Throwing her arms around my neck, she exclaimed, “God loves us to eat our garden!” So that’s exactly what we did.


We went straight inside and made “garden pasta” together. We sautéed butternut Swiss Chardsquash and brussels sprouts that I had in the fridge, with the greens and herbs in olive oil, tossing it all together with whole wheat pasta. I don’t know if it was purely the excitement of cooking a meal that we had grown ourselves, or if it truly was more flavorful, but my love and I agreed that it was the best pasta we had ever eaten!



Dear Heavenly Father, thank you that your creation brings such pure joy into our lives, filling our hearts as well as our stomachs. I pray that as my daughter grows up, she will continue to discover blessings and fulfillment in her surroundings, praising you in both the stormy and peaceful weather of her life. I pray that she will know that even if she can’t always grab a hold of that cloud, she can always grab a hold of you. Amen.  Garden Pasta

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