Creamy Kale Soup

Roasted AsparagusLaundry has always been a nightmare for me. I can’t ever seem to get it washed, dried and folded in one fell swoop.  I continually have a pile of clothes, which at some point were fresh from the dryer but are now permanently wrinkled, desperate to be folded and put away. One of my problems is that I’m terrible at estimating how many loads of laundry I have to do each week. I size up the dirty clothes hampers and underestimate their volume by at least three loads. Every time.

Lacinato KaleThe truth is, I might actually be a bit afraid of my laundry. The pile that greets me each morning as I open my closet taunts my guilty conscience. My little person’s pajama drawer is a Pandora’s box of mother’s guilt when there are no short sleeve pajamas to be found, because they are ALL IN HER HAMPER!!! Did I mention that she refuses to wear a t-shirt to bed from her “regular” drawer? That’s right. If it’s not in the pj drawer, she’s not wearing it. So when it’s eighty degrees out, it’s long sleeves sans blanket, and her ceiling fan on high.

Kale Stir FryThere’s also the added bonus that I never really know how my laundry is going to turn out. I can sort to my heart’s content and agonize over the right settings, but my favorite outfit is going to be shredded, shrunk, and turned a completely different color by the times it’s all over and done with.  There’s also the possibility of unknowingly washing a toddler’s night-time pull-up with a load of clothes, only to be left picking a weird jelly like substance out of those clothes for weeks afterwards.  Not that I’ve ever done that.

Creamy Kale SoupI usually try to start the week with most of the laundry done, but tonight as I sit writing this, with the ominous sound of the dryer in the background, I’ve got mounds and mounds of clothes to wash. The cause of such untidiness? My fitted bed sheet. I washed that lovely swath of material, which can never be properly folded, at least four times this past week. Yes.  About every other day I had the pleasure of discovering that I had yet again forgotten to transfer said sheet to the dryer. We exchanged quite a few words as I rewashed it again. And again. I contemplated just throwing it away, but reason won out over irrationality. The result is that tonight, I may have overflowing hampers and a little love with night sweats, but I also have the freshest smelling sheets.

ApplesWatermelon SlicesFood is more important than laundry however, so instead of washing and folding this evening, we cooked! For dinner, we needed to eat some of the overflowing veggies in our fridge. We made a simple lentil and kale soup with coconut milk, as anything with coconut milk is a hit in our house. We also roasted some asparagus and apples, and sliced some watermelon for dessert.

I hope everyone has a great, laundry-free Monday!


3 thoughts on “Creamy Kale Soup

  1. I so get this! Laundry is a never-ending battle in our home. And there are many times when one load gets tossed in the dryer about 5 times before it’s finally removed and folded. Yep, laundry…ugh! Your soup sounds really good though! Do you sometimes post the recipes to the foods y’all love?

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    1. Haha! I thought of you this morning, Andria, when I had to rewash a load that had been left in the machine for too long. You are my true hero, as you have over twice as many clothes wearing bodies in your house than mine! I haven’t started posting recipe links under the menu, but each recipe post has a link to the recipe, if you just click on the name of what we cooked. Have a wonderful week!


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