Curry Noodle Soup

Thai Curry SoupPotty talk is driving me bonkers! It seems that some days my sweet child finds nothing funnier than grossing mommy out with random quips about bodily functions, at the most inopportune moments. I used to reference the natural happenings of her little gut with what I thought was more tactful vocabulary, such as “fluffing” or “number two.” Oh no. She wasn’t having any of that. At a certain point, I realized I would have to wave the white flag.  She wins this one.  I now talk about farting and pooping unabashedly. 

Stir Fry VegetablesI have to admit that the way she gets just so tickled at herself when she mentions that which should not be talked about in public, does make me laugh. It’s especially amusing, or horrifying, when I have to leave the car windows open over night to air the car out. As we were pulling into the garage this week, I asked her, in between suffocating gasps for fresh air, if she had happened to fart. My little person declared, “No! I broke the wind,” and then proceeded to throw her head back and belly laugh.

Thai Green CurryMy gaseous love wasn’t done yet. As we were reading Beauty and the Beast later that night, she was peppering me with questions about why Gaston was so selfish. We finished our story and she marched her cute little self over to her bookcase to put her book up.  She spun around, and with one hand on her hip, nose wrinkled, and one hand shaking her index finger she informed me, “Gaston is so yucky. He’s yucky like my yucky farts.”  I haven’t stopped laughing yet.

Not that anyone wants to talk about food at this point, but we did make a tasty curry noddle soup for dinner. It was supposed to use red curry, but I only had green curry, which worked out just fine.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


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