Women Warriors: Meagan Joy

LoveBabyFood is  blessed to share a post by Meagan Joy! Meagan is the founder of HAPPYHEALTHYmomma and holds a PhD in Special Education Administration.  I have had the pleasure of knowing this wonderful mom and woman for the past nineteen years.  Meagan inspires women to eat healthy, get fit, and to most importantly, love themselves.  Her story touches my heart, because it is so similar to my own, and to that of many women who have found themselves in unthinkable situations.  Thank you, Meagan, for sharing your story and for empowering mothers and women to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Meagan’s story:

Hello! My name is Meagan and I’m here to share a little bit about myself and my story, in the hopes that it will help other people.

I’ve always felt like I was a strong person and someone who viewed life as the “glass half full.” I had a great life. I had just earned my PhD, I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl, and my husband had just accepted a position at a major university. Life was amazing!

Then my world came crashing down.

Three months after my daughter was born, my husband and I separated, and later divorced. I was incredibly sad, angry, hopeless, and fearful that I wouldn’t be the kind of mom that my daughter, Nola, deserved. I was miserable and overweight, and I just couldn’t get myself to the “me” that I remembered in the past. I used to be fun, pretty, and exciting to be around, but who was this sad, angry, and helpless person I saw in the mirror?

I felt like I had come to a crossroads, and was forced to take a good, hard look at my life to decide which path I wanted to take. I decided that I deserved to be healthy and happy, and thus began my journey to do so.

I started my blog, HAPPYHEALTHYmomma, on Facebook, once I finally decided to make some significant changes in my life. I started researching nutrition, fitness, and health, when I came across another mom who had made an amazing transformation, both inside and out. I was instantly drawn to her, and reached out to ask her for advice on how to do the same. She became my coach, and invited me to her clean eating challenge group.  The rest is history.

Here I was, newly separated, in a new town with no friends, a new baby, wornout, and out of shape, and I was invited into a group of positive, motivating, and inspirational women, who pushed me to set high expectations for myself, because THEY believed that I deserved good things.

These women saved me from myself.

I loved the group so much that I became a coach as well. Since then, I have lost 40 lbs and I have teamed up with some of THE most amazing and inspirational women, as coaches, to help others find THEIR healthy and happy. This has been one of the most amazing doors that has ever opened for me, and I feel so blessed to be able to pay it forward to other women, in the way that my coach paid it forward for me.

I love that I am able to help others in this way, and I feel like God has truly blessed me with this opportunity.

I’d also love to take the time to share one of my challengers’ FAVORITE recipes…

Pork Carnitas!



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