Critters and Omnivores

In my pre-baby life, I could devour a book in a matter of days.  I had the luxury of staying up all night, lost in whatever story I was reading.  There weren’t meals to prepare or guilt ridden piles of laundry waiting to be done.  Reading was easy.

Giggle fits, hugs, endless questions, and frequent costume changes now engross the spare hours of my day.  More often than not, in the few precious minutes that I have to sit and read, I fall asleep a couple of pages in.  Finishingcritter a book has become an achievement.  It’s not an impossible feat.  It just takes a month or two, rather than a week or two, to reach the last page.

I have an ever evolving book list that will take years to get through.  There are so many words to read! With every book I finish, there are two or three more added to the must read list.  My little person loves to read as well.  I’ve read her stories since she was born, and as she grows, she tells more and more of them herself.  She’s memorized devotionalher favorite ones, and oftentimes when I check on her before I go to bed, I find her hidden beneath a pile of books that she procured from her bookcase, long after she was supposed to be asleep.  This week her favorite bedtime story has been Little Critter I Am Sharing. She’s not convinced that the brother really likes sharing, so her version of the story has a slightly different lesson.

bookI usually read a devotional in the mornings and rotate fiction and non-fiction books from month to month.  I’m currently working on The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  Eating Animals, The China Study, and Food Rules have all given me a new perspective on the way I view health and nutrition, and I’m looking tacosforward to further learning how our personal and global health are entwined with the way we eat.

What great books are you and your kiddos reading?  Has anyone read the Omnivore’s Dilemma? Please share your bookworm thoughts and suggestions!



4 thoughts on “Critters and Omnivores

    1. I agree! Eating Animals changed the way I perceive food and sustainability. The horrors of factory farming was eye opening! You might really like The China Study if you’re interested in the health aspect of it. Thanks for commenting!


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