Prayers, Giggles and Nutty Vegetable Noodles

IMG_0789Vacation Bible School is upon us.  While I’m running around with twelve two-year olds, my sweet love is having a blast in the three-year old class.  It’s an energetic week filled with singing, dancing, crafts, bible stories and neon t-shirts, and we are loving every minute of it.

Teaching two-year olds at VBS, after wrapping up the school year less than two weeks ago, is an interesting transition into the summer.  I formerly taught in year-round schools, so this is my first summer off as a teacher.  At first I worried that I would feel anxious with my new IMG_0788found extra time, but so far we’ve been busier than ever –  with the added bonus of afternoon naps!

My life and goals changed profoundly when I had my daughter.  Suddenly the round-the-clock work of the corporate side of education was no longer appealing.  What I desperately wanted was time.  Time with my daughter and time to nourish myself as her mother.  I have been so grateful to have found a position this past year that afforded me time to exercise, cook healthy meals, and have meaningful experiences with my precious girl.  More than that, I am so blessed that my “job” does not feel like work at all, and allows me summers off to volunteer for vacation bible school, go to swimming lessons, and make random ice cream runs.

IMG_0792I am thrilled about how excited my little foodie is about VBS.  We’re talking thirteen-year old girl trying to win the spirit stick excited.  Everyday she barrels out of her class singing a new song or re-enacting a skit the older youth put on.  She can talk about her bible verses and asks, “Are we going to vacation bible school again?” at the end of each day.  I am so proud of her for the enthusiastic way she embraces IMG_0793life, and am overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to share this with her.

There was a time when I feared that we would never be able to come back to Texas, and that we would never be able to take part in such simple, yet meaningful activities.  I prayed everyday that my daughter would be allowed to grow up here, in a CIMG_0787hristian environment, surrounded by loving and supportive people.  This week at VBS, I was struck by the realization that those dreams and more have come true.

As we were saying our prayers before bedtime tonight, we thanked God for these blessings.  Our new ritual is that first I pray, then she says her own prayer.  Tonight, she thanked God for mommy, the doors, the lights and giggles.  Naturally, we both erupted in uncontrollable laughter.  After we calmed down and I was tucking her in she said, “we forgot to say amen when we were laughing.”  We agreed it

IMG_0790was okay though, because God must love giggles.

To boost our energy for this week, we made nutty noodles with vegetables from The China Study Cookbook over the weekend.  We love peanut butter, so the this recipe was a no brainer for us.  The earthiness of the flavors was a nice change from our usual noodle dishes, and even better, it took absolutely no time to prepare!  IMG_0794

This dish was a win-win!


8 thoughts on “Prayers, Giggles and Nutty Vegetable Noodles

    1. Wow! Pasta, basil and clams…some of my favorite ingredients! This recipe looks delicious and I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for sharing!


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