Sun, Fun and Orecchiette


Spring fever was in the air today.  The sun came out, banishing all gloomy weather, so with the day off we set out to celebrate the last remaining days of spring break.

Zilker Park is one of our favorite outdoor spots here in Austin.  After a morning jog around Town Lake, we headed over to the children’s play area for a picnic lunch and then some serious sliding and swinging.

When my little love saw the slides, she clenched her fists in the air and shouted as loud as she could.  After a few futile attempts to direct her towards the slides meant for her size, I followed her towards the taller, more exciting ones.  The girl knows how to have fun.IMG_2226

As I climbed up the steps behind her, with one hand firmly placed on her back, I found myself repeating, “okay, be careful” over and over again.  I tacked on “and have fun” as  sliding should be fun.  And so with every step afterwards, she would say “I okay have fun.”

IMG_2231It’s such a delicate balance, teaching her to embrace having fun, while learning to set boundaries and to be safe.  When I hear her reflect my own words back to me, it’s a beautiful and gentle reminder that every moment counts, and that this precious girl is watching, always looking for examples of the kind of person she should be.

IMG_2227We ended our sunny afternoon with a stop at Lick, which serves the best ice cream I have ever had.  I am not exaggerating.  We shared goat cheese with honey and thyme, carrots and tarragon, and strawberries and sweet cream.  Tired and happy, we crashed when we got home, and woke up very hungry a couple of hours later.

IMG_2229To replenish ourselves from  our active day, I made Orecchiette with Kale and Breadcrumbs.  My little foodie loves anything with pasta in it, and the earthiness from the anchovies made this a comforting and filling dish.  We both had seconds and practically licked our bowls clean.  Sun, fun and delicious food.  It doesn’t get better than that.


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