Scone-fully Delicious

IMG_2107Oatmeal was the food my little peanut despised the most while growing inside of my belly.  Pre-pregnancy, I enjoyed this nutritious breakfast daily.  Five weeks into my pregnancy, I discovered that she violently disagreed with my favorite breakfast choice, and would do so for the next nine months.

As soon as I realized I was pregnant, I ordered all of the prerequisite books, and in a week’s time was flipping through them, excitedly planning the next nine months of our lives.  Ironically, I couldn’t even read my Yummy Mummy cookbook without feeling bad, so that one eventually ended up on the bookshelf collecting dust.

I had envisioned an energetic pregnancy, filled with prenatal yoga classes, running, and delicious food.  Each time I visited the prenatal emergency department for intravenous fluid, the well-intentioned nurses promised me that by fifteen weeks I would feel better.  When that sacred week came and went, I finally had to face the fact that my pregnancy was not going as planned.

IMG_2108It was so easy to become overwhelmed with worry over how my baby would develop if I couldn’t eat oatmeal and broccoli and go running everyday.  I had a plan after all, for the perfect, healthy pregnancy.

Fortunately, God knew better than me.  He knew what my daughter needed from me in order to thrive beautifully, and what I needed to learn in order to become her mother.  So while my plan didn’t work out the way I had intended, what did happen was more incredible than I could have hoped for.

I learned to give up control, to follow my intuition, to be patient and still, and to find humor in challenges that seem like they will never end.  And after thirty-eight weeks and six days, I was blessed with a beautiful, healthy, spirited, wise, and sweet child that has kept me running ever since.

IMG_2109While pregnancy changed my sweet tooth into a love of spicy food, and left a few freckles on my forehead, my ability to eat oatmeal slowly returned six months after having my little love, right in time for her to begin eating oatmeal herself.

For awhile, we ate oatmeal with a spoonful of almond butter and banana mixed in.  Lately, we’ve been eating our oatmeal with a mix of berries and local honey.  Sometimes though, we need to change up the routine a little.  Being pregnant and becoming a mother have taught me that flexibility in our routines is a good thing.

IMG_2110I decided to make Lemon Cranberry Scones, and looked for a recipe that used whole wheat flour and less sugar.  We had fun eating our “cookies” for breakfast as my daughter called them, and with our berries on the side, I felt truly like a yummy mummy.


2 thoughts on “Scone-fully Delicious

  1. Not to mention the fact that she ate all my oatmeal and blueberries this morning sitting in her Pop-Pop’s lap. Then she led me to the backyard to pickup pecans and crack them to eat on the spot. Never seen a baby turned toddler who loved healthy food so much.


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