Disappearing Act

It’s not hard for my daughter to make me laugh.  She has this sweet little twinkle in her eye that is the perfect complement to her mischievous and generous sense of humor.  When I learned that I was pregnant, I began praying for who the little creature would be that was growing inside of me.  Her developing character is an every day reflection of those prayers, with her joy, humor, and cleverness exceeding even my greatest expectations.

As she nears the big 2.0, she tries my boundaries more and more.  Currently, it’s standing on chairs and my disapproval of said standing that amuses her the most.  While last week she tried to negotiate with head tilts, crinkled noses, and smiles, this week her tactics have taken an interesting turn.

Rather than trying to persuade me to let her stand on her chair, climb on the table, or excavate the pantry, she simply freezes at the sound of my voice and tightly squints her eyes shut.  She then attempts to complete whatever act she was caught in the middle of, in slow motion with her eyes closed.  The amused grin plastered on her little face exposes her immense satisfaction in what she believes is the loophole of my discipline.  If she can’t see me, I can’t see her!

It’s impossible not to laugh at her cuteness, or to pause in awe of her  thought process follow-through.  I’ve taken to touching my nose to hers, quietly telling her that I can still see her.  We both giggle as she opens her eyes, hug and talk about the virtues of sitting, rather than standing on chairs.  As she climbs down for the umpteenth time, I tell her how smart she is and how proud I am of her.

One thing that she hasn’t closed her eyes to yet, is of course food.  Tonight we had zucchini patties, which she excitedly referred to as cake.  I replaced the mozzarella with crumbled goat cheese, and served them alongside pearl barley and black beans with diced tomatoes and green chilies.  Yummy all the way around, only wish I had made more!

Tonight as I was putting her to bed, she softly played with my eyelashes, whispering the various words and phrases in her arsenal.  At one point, she asked for more “cake” and I explained that it was all gone, happy inside of our bellies.  She nestled her face into my neck and I whispered how much I loved her.  She softly replied “love you” and while my heart skipped a beat, thankfully my eyes were wide open.

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