Crock Pots and Crack Pots

The past two weeks have been hectic and crazy.  As friends in Israel sent messages of rocket explosions, I was taken out by a virus, while my sweet daughter happily spent five days bossing her Gigi and Pop Pop around.  Now with a ceasefire in place, a clean house, and baby back on board, it seems that life is returning to normal.

I’ve uttered many prayers recently for safety, health, and balance.  I look at my daughter, and pray for the safety of the innocent people on both sides of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.  Hating to be sick, I also begged for her not to catch what I had, along with her Grandparents.  Finally, exhausted by worry, illness, and work, I just prayed “help me.”



This week I decided to go easy on myself as far as meal preparation goes, and to spend the extra time exercising, playing, and laughing with my daughter. I’m trying out the crock pot I have, but have never used, and am excited to taste the results of the Italian Vegetable Stew currently simmering away.


Whether or not this meal wins the approval of my little one’s taste buds remains to be seen, but I know we’ll both love the extra energy and time it blesses us with.

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