Choose Chooze

Our Chooze: Dance in Pure / Dance in Wiggle Fabrics

The word “no” has entered my daughter’s vocabulary more quickly than I ever imagined it would, and “no mommy” has become her favorite phrase. Never mind that its utterance is usually followed with an adorable head tilt and grin,  she now understands that life is full of choices. And she has to plenty to say about that.

I’ve discovered that helping her set, respect, and push boundaries takes endless patience, prayer, and a lot of sweat!  One of my greatest hopes for her is that she will go into the world with confidence, capable of making the tough choices in life and knowing how to respect the choices that aren’t hers to make.  In the meantime, she has me by her side as she pushes those boundaries, ready to catch her when she falls. And for those days when there are just too many choices to make, we have her Chooze!

These are hands down the best shoes she’s worn to date! Not only does the brand have a great social and environmental message, no two shoes are alike.  Flexing her growing independence has never been more fun.  The first thing she demands after breakfast is her “shoes” and upon showing them to her for the first time “no”  briefly vanished from her vocabulary, leaving in its place a beautiful “wow mommy.” Pushing boundaries has never been so much fun!

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